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A2 - Julien Skrobek - Minutes (Cassette)

Fecal Vomit demonstrates some excellent experimental quality, Low-Fi brilliance. This is a bass heavy wall that crackles and demonstrates tonal shifts inside, whilst the outside remains dense. This is a good wall with strong shifts within, not lazy, just right. Vilgoc — Twierdza.

Vilgoc is Sebastian Harmazy from Poland. Twierdza is a slow, low bass end wall piece which gives off a good deep crackle with soaring hisses of sound that jutt out of the wall at times. These give several layers to the work; the higher levels of crackle appear to peel off the wall and simultaneously rebuild as if constantly morphing itself. The hiss really kicks off later in the wall as if to shift the wall into two separate forms that work away at the same time.

The sharper wall eventually takes the lead whilst the deeper sounds are consistent in the background. A third wall tone builds making for a group effort of sounds working with each other, to form Twierdza into a very layered sound that pulsates more as it builds up.

I like the growing complexity of this piece. Hooked Talons is a Richard Ramirez project, he is originally from Texas and now operating in Pennsylvania. This project has been releasing since , it is one of many Ramirez projects. If I had any strong criticism, it might be the general low-fidelity nature of the tracks - sometimes bordering on wash - but this is, of course, a personal thing.

Search for. AND OR in all band specials reviews articles mp3 section s. The rawness comes from it being a lot more cut up than other tracks or cut into with stops and starts , like the text. The usual complex sophistication of the sound eventually grows and builds up. Session 51B is abrasive like the first track yet the noises contrast each other massively, the exchanges are tense and form a fractured sound. As the busyness caused by build ups of noise increases and decreases the tension of sound is always shifting separately to this.

The oddness of the primal sound, dynamics and tension also create a rich atmosphere to the sound throughout each session, Spasmotronics is a key example of this as it shifts and changes. The cuts in the sound occur via a deep, farty, vibrating sound that goes off throughout the track as if to break the flow of the scraping noises. Throbbing noise and explosive distortions combine to make a choppy barrage of noises.

This is most prominent on Each One A Witness, the build-up is slow and elements of sound interact as if in constant experimentation. As more abrasive elements come in, even on a quieter level the impact is significant. As the restraint is loosened the sound is immense.

The low-level noise passages are good, there are dramatic build ups and explosions of sound going off. The sound continually seems to change and not stay in one place too long making for an ever shifting landscape of sound.

Both artists enhance the others qualities. Each track follows on from artist to artist very smoothly and all works tie in well with the other — it flows perfectly. Looking at the cd before playing, it seemed impossible for two so seemingly different artists to match up, but they do, the tracks are clearly thought out and considered making for an airtight, excellent release.

Out soon on Aussaat. Oil of Vervain. Strange Lights. Non-Human presence. But Oil of Vervain is quiet in comparison to his other work. It has the delicate sound of guitar strummed and picked; I am not sure if other sounds are overlaid. The melody of the guitar always resonates as the lead element, some ambient sounds seem to play off in the background and the sense of space within the sound is very well emphasised.

The builds in sound are beautiful as is the vocal on the second track Ciara. The guitar sound has a warmth to it, yet the mood is sombre, and this side of the release is excellent. I am left with the question is this work perfect as it is, or does the project need to expand into a band?

There is a lot of blasting noise and scraping, arching drones that combine to make for a combative sound. Feedback builds up and is shot into the work and seems to bring on immense shifts in sound.

The Blackcloudsummoner side has a huge sound, it is the darkest, most forceful and intense work that I have heard so far in the discography. Both projects give excellent performances on this cassette making it one of my favourite releases so far, this year.

Blackcloudsummoner is one of those obscure projects that I hit upon a while back, a friend mentioned the project in passing so I enquired and found out more and bought some releases. The work grabbed me immediately which led to me buying more and more albums. The sound is unique, it has a certain quietness to it, there is real variance in the tracks as there is continual, varied, odd experimentation occurring throughout the release. There are some strong combinations with guitar noise Steve Larder with the drones which really builds up and resonated strongly.

The gentler noise sounds are beautiful, and they too build up and really throb the speakers on occasions as if sparkling and glowing in the bright light. The slightest rise in sound or break from the quiet spaciousness raises the intensity and can easily shift the mood of the work. Pulling back to the experimentation, I cannot work out how the tracks on Four Breaths tie together, there is so much going on as if a lot of work was carefully worked through and eventually selected.

This is all strong work and its quirkiness is impressive. This is a strong release. Pages Home. Labels: Chier , Placenta Lyposuction. Harsh Noise London 25 Cutty Sark. Ta Nasa The Ours 2. Sestaky Farthings 4. Nevis Kretini No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Next is S. Be sure to check this intense noize-heads collection on tape.

Through a collection of mostly self-released tapes, TROU has been delivering obsessive and absolute static buzzing drone works. This release has a narrative structure threading it all together, a powerful one for all its simplicity.

It takes a specific type of musician to see the nuances of noise and to use it with finesse - Kadaver is just such a musician. Available at the link below:.

Black Meat is a project which hails from France, it is a collaboration between two known gents within the scene of hnw/anw and other kinds of experimental music. Being a Joseph Szymkowiak (Black Matter Phantasm, 29/30, Käyäk etc) and a Julien Skrobek (Gesis, Fear of Mirrors, Sadistic Fall etc).

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  2. Julien Skrobek Britney Spears - Femme Fatale This is a single recorded live in Reims on September the 6th. 12 sound systems are each playing a track from Britney Spear's latest album at full volume. This means that in 3'52'' minutes you have listened to the whole album in .
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  5. Jan 08,  · Julien Skrobek has made Le Palais Transparent (FREE SS 03). Guitars and sine waves were the primary sound sources for it, but they have been rendered using Audacity sound manipulation running under the Debian operating system. Three tracks across 46 minutes, and as most of the occupied time is pure silence, you.
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  8. Here’s an interesting collaboration between two harsh noise wall masters. Julien Skrobek, owner of Hallucination Tapes, teams up with Richard Ramirez (now Richard Ramirez-Matzus, congratulations) for a minute wall that, on this tape, is split into two parts but otherwise seems to exist as a whole track on the Bandcamp page.

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